Prestige Camden Gardens

Prestige Camden Gardens is a modern, futuristic apartment project in Sathanur, near Thanisandra, North Bangalore. The project offers finely crafted 3 and 4 BHK flats. It is spread across 2 acres of land and is being developed over 1 high-rise towers. There are 120 units, ranging from 1578 sq. ft. to 2732 sq. ft. The project was launched in May 2024, and possession will be in December 2027.

The size of a commodious 3 BHK apartment ranges from 1578 sq. ft to 2149 sq. ft. The floor area of an ultra-luxurious 4 BHK apartment is 2732 sq. ft. The starting price of the modern apartments will be 1.89 crores. The apartments are designed to give their residents a refined living space. The project has applied for RERA approvals.

The project reflects a vision of luxury living with modern architecture and big eco-friendly spaces. The project has the best and latest design with appealing concepts. Many elements are there that add greatly to the beauty of the project. Every buyer can find the best place to live here with all the modern features.

Prestige Camden Gardens will offer a lot of high-end amenities. There are services for socialization and building connections within the community, as well as for sports, fitness, and fun. The project is fabulously designed to cater to the needs of modern-day living, offering a range of top-notch amenities that will enhance the lifestyle of its residents. There is sufficient space for indoor activities, and the project has a big clubhouse for a great leisure time. The project has eco-friendly measures to conserve the environment. It includes

  • Sewage treatment plans,
  • Better waste disposal
  • rainwater harvest systems to collect rainwater

The project has CCTV cameras at all important points to monitor what is happening on the premises. All these ensure the safety of the people and will provide a safe environment. The project has a wide driveway and clean pathways surrounded by trees. The project has a lot of features that make it environmentally friendly. The quality building materials offer good quality homes here that last long.

The project wants to provide the finest standard of living attainable. It will be accomplished by going above and beyond. The homes offered at the project are the best in the city. These will be in breathtaking settings. The project will have first-rate features. For city dwellers, it provides the finest quality of life.

Prestige Camden Gardens Project Highlights
Type Apartments
Project Stage Prelaunch
Location Thanisandra, Bangalore
Builder Prestige Group
Floor Plans 3 & 4 BHK
Price Strating Rs. 1.89 Cr* Onwards
Total Land Area 2 Acres
Total Units 120 Units
Size Range 1578 - 2732 Sq Ft
Towers and Floors 1 Tower, G + 20 Floors
Approvals RERA
RERA No PR/300424/008097
Launch Date May 2024
Possession Date Dec 2027 Onwards

Key Dates:

  • Pre-launch Date: Updated Shortly.
  • Completion Date: 4 years from launch.
  • Possession Date: Immediate After Completion


Prestige Camden Gardens Location

Prestige Camden Gardens’s ideal location on Thanisandra in North Bangalore is ideal for potential investors and end users. This prime location offers good connectivity to major employment hubs, offering employment opportunities to many people. Also, working professionals can easily access their work area quickly.

All areas of Bangalore are easily accessible to Prestige Camden Gardens residents. The property has excellent access to major highways and arterial roads, facilitating easy commuting. It is the perfect option for people working in the IT hubs of Electronic City and Bannerghatta Road because of its proximity to the NICE Ring Road and the forthcoming metro line, further improving accessibility. Because of its advantageous location, homebuyers highly value this address.

  • Connectivity to the airport: The project location provides a convenient route to Kempegowda International Airport via Bellary Road, NH 44, and the Outer Ring Road. The residents can approach their destination by choosing the proper path. The airport is only 41 km away.
  • Connectivity to the metro station: The project location provides residents with easy connectivity to the major stations of the Green Line metro in Bangalore. Thanisandra metro station is just 400 m away, which is at a walkable distance. Other metro stations near the project location are RV Road metro station and J P Nagar metro station, which are 1.1 km and 1.5 km, respectively.
  • Connectivity to railway stations: The project location offers residents easy access to major railway stations of Bangalore city, namely Nayandahalli railway station, which is 8 km away and Jnana Bharathi railway station, which is 10.8 km away.
  • Connectivity to bus terminal: Thanisandra bus terminal is one of the major terminals in Bangalore, allowing commuting to any other part of the city. Because most of the buses that cover various routes will halt in this terminal, it is only 400 m away from the project location.
  • Connectivity to major roads: The project location is strategically placed at the intersection of three major roads in Bangalore city: Outer Ring Road, Mysore Road, and Kanakapura Road. It makes commuting an easy task for the residents of Prestige Camden Gardens.

Prestige Camden Gardens’s main selling point is its location. Anywhere is accessible to people in a short amount of time. Prestige Camden Gardens offers a rare combination of an ultra-luxury project in a prime location constructed by a reputable builder. This concept stands out because no other project can guarantee everything in one location.


Prestige Camden Gardens Apartments

Apartments are self-contained residential units within a single building, which occupies several apartments. Each apartment’s specifications and floor area differ according to the price and other reasons. Each individual owns each apartment, and they have full control and ownership of that specific apartment. All the owners of that apartment project have collective ownership of the area in which the project is nestled.

Luxury apartments are meant to provide higher levels of comfort to the residents with world-class amenities and premium features offered in the project. The residents can have a sumptuous living by utilizing these premium features. The specifications of these apartments are stunning and evoke an awe-inspiring effect on everybody. Prestige Group has launched a premium apartment project in the pristine surroundings of Thanisandra, Prestige Camden Gardens. It will provide residents with all types of comfort and luxury.

Conveniences and comfort that is exclusive in Prestige Camden Gardens apartments

  • Prime Location: One of the key elements contributing to the advantages of living in Prestige Camden is its strategic location. Situated in the rapidly developing area of Thanisandra, it places residents near major IT hubs, educational institutions, healthcare facilities, and shopping centres. It enhances the quality of our lives and ensures the property’s appreciation over time.
  • World-Class Amenities: Prestige Camden Gardens is not just a residential complex; it’s a lifestyle statement. The project boasts cutting-edge facilities, including a state-of-the-art clubhouse, fitness centre, swimming pool, landscaped gardens, and sports facilities. These amenities cater to our various needs and preferences, creating a holistic living experience.
  • Architectural Excellence: Another advantage of living in Prestige Camden Gardens is its exceptional design. Prestige Camden Gardens’s architectural genius is a seamless fusion of contemporary style and environmentally conscious building methods. These homes fulfil the demands of modern living with their well-thought-out designs, roomy interiors, and meticulous attention to detail. They are also very functional.
  • Community Living: Another crucial advantage of living in Prestige Camden Gardens is its diverse living. Prestige Camden Gardens encourages residents to interact and establish a sense of community. A lively and welcoming community is produced by well-designed parks, common areas, and recreational places, which promote social connections.


Prestige Camden Gardens Thanisandra

Prestige Camden Gardens in Thanisandra provides easy connectivity and accessibility to other parts of Bangalore city. It is an excellent location and is an intersection point where Outer Ring Road meets Mysore Road and Kanakapura Road. The area’s proximity to well-developed neighbourhoods such as Basavanagudi, J P Nagar, Electronic City, Marathahalli, etc, triggered the growth of this location.

Thanisandra is known for the excellent social amenities provided by residential properties here. The locality also has all the needed facilities close by. The neighbourhood is very quiet and enjoys great connectivity. The area is also known for its proximity to several colleges, schools, and hospitals. Some well-reputed educational institutions in the area include the Jnanodaya High School, National Public School, and the Bangalore Institute of Technology. The area also has several well-established hospitals, such as the Sanjay Gandhi Hospital and the Thanisandra Apollo Hospital.

Advantages of investing in Prestige Camden Gardens in Thanisandra

Advantages of investing in Prestige Camden Gardens in Thanisandra

  • Proximity to work areas: Thanisandra is closer to The Global Village Tech Park, which is at a distance of 8 km. The Electronic City, too, is located at a distance of 20 km from here.
  • Technological Hub: Tech parks and IT enterprises are concentrated in Thanisandra, which is well known for this. The neighbourhood offers a lively and competitive business climate, as seen by the many start-ups and major firms that have established headquarters here. Commercial real estate in this technology centre can yield large profits as companies look for good places to shop.
  • Employment Opportunities: Jobs in Thanisandra are in high demand due to the city’s thriving IT sector. The market for residential homes has increased dramatically as more professionals move to the area for employment opportunities. Investing in housing developments that meet the demands of the expanding workforce will allow us to profit from this trend.
  • Amenities and Lifestyle: Many admire Bangalore’s affluent lifestyle and advanced infrastructure. Thanisandra has many attractions, including eateries, retail centres, and parks. The area is a desirable alternative for those looking for a work-life balance because of its changing lifestyle.
  • Infrastructure Development: Thanisandra has witnessed substantial infrastructural development, with improved connectivity through expressways and metro lines. This enhanced connectivity not only facilitates easier commuting for us but also adds to the overall value of the real estate in the area. We stand to gain from the positive impact of ongoing and planned infrastructure projects.
  • Steady Appreciation: The property values on Thanisandra have consistently increased over time. The steady demand for residential and commercial properties has facilitated a positive appreciation trend.

The location offers a serene and pleasant living environment surrounded by greenery and nature. It will help you to get refreshed and relaxed, detach from bustling city life, and still have access to all the basic amenities. So, the place offers strategic living that offers the best of both worlds: rural and urban landscapes.


Prestige Camden Gardens Bangalore

Prestige Camden Gardens in Bangalore is ideally located in the Northern part of the city. Bangalore City is one of India’s most beloved cities and serves as the capital of Karnataka. It is renowned for its endearing monikers, such as the “Garden City” and the “Silicon City” of India. The urban landscape is adorned with abundant greenery, featuring beautiful gardens and parks, earning it the additional nickname of the “Pensioner’s Paradise” in recent years.

The City of Bangalore attracts individuals from diverse cultures and backgrounds due to its consistently pleasant and moderate climate throughout the year. It has become a hub for many migrants from various corners of the globe, seeking employment opportunities to enhance their quality of life.

Due to the widespread influence and significant IT sector growth, Bangalore has experienced a substantial increase in people from various parts of the country. Over the past decade, the city has undergone remarkable expansion in technological advancements, transportation and connectivity infrastructure, IT parks, and the emergence of luxurious establishments catering to leisure and work opportunities.

Advantages of living in Bangalore

  • IT Hub and Innovation Center: Bangalore is the centre of the Indian information technology sector. It is home to numerous IT parks and tech giants; the city provides a great climate favourable to innovation and entrepreneurship. If you are keen on investing in the technology sector, you get the best access to a pool of skilled professionals and positions in businesses.
  • Educational Excellence: One of the key advantages of investing in Bangalore. The city is well known for its reputed educational institutions; thus, many people relocate here. We shall benefit from this as there is a pool of highly skilled individuals, fostering a culture of innovation and productivity.
  • Infrastructure Development: Be it a business person or an office goer, it is a mandatory facility required for us. The city has all the best facilities, like the International airport, well- enhanced roads, superior accessibility and the best connectivity. This alluring facility adds more value to our healthy and peaceful lifestyle.
  • Thriving Real Estate Market: It is one of the fruitful advantages of investing in Bangalore as the real estate market there is dynamic and offers diverse investment options. We have many choices, from commercial spaces in bustling areas to residential properties in serene locales. The consistent demand for quality real estate ensures our potential returns on investment. Thus, the city is a hotspot for potential investments.
  • Start-up Ecosystem: Another advantage of investing in Bangalore is the start-up culture. The city has emerged as the start-up capital of India, nurturing a vibrant ecosystem for new businesses. The city provides ample support for entrepreneurs by offering various benefits like numerous incubators, accelerators, and venture capitalists.

Undoubtedly, Bangalore stands as one of the forefront cities regarding industrial development and financial progress. With a relatively stable real estate market, the current period presents an opportune moment for diverse investment ventures in Bangalore.


Prestige Camden Gardens RERA

Prestige Camden Gardens has applied for RERA approval, and the process is in progress with the state RERA Board.

RERA, or Real Estate Regulatory Authority, plays a prominent role in the Indian real estate market. Being a regulatory body that ensures transparency, accountability, and protection of property buyers, it plays a considerable role in protecting the rights of the stakeholders at every step of the home-buying process.

Advantages of investing in RERA-approved projects.

  • Access to detailed information
  • Increased transparency
  • Fair compensation for project delays
  • Fair pricing and refund policy
  • Fast-tracking of grievance redressal

Prestige Camden Gardens will strictly follow the measures and steps put forward by the authority. The approval criteria are designed to ensure the utmost quality of the property by adhering to the pre- set standards.

Prestige Group

Prestige Camden Gardens Apartment in Bangalore

Prestige Group, one of India’s pioneering real estate developers, was established in 1986 with its headquarters in Bangalore. Since then, the company has created amazing products with unimagined experiences of luxury and comfort for the residents. This company is well known for its commitment to excellence in the construction industry. The latest technologies are adapted to develop safer, in- time, and reliable construction. Prestige Group is gradually becoming an alternative for the world’s best projects that are changing the prospects of modern India.

Factors that influenced the growth of the firm.

  • Unwavering dedication to quality
  • On-time delivery of projects
  • World-class products and quality
  • Transparent business practices

With a focus on innovation, technology, and creating value for all stakeholders, Prestige Group remains dedicated to shaping urban spaces where people can live, work, and play smart. Quality and innovation are at the core of the developer’s philosophy. Their homes, designed by some of the brightest minds in the housing sector, offer spacious, well-designed, and well-lit living spaces. These homes cater to modern residents’ desires for a comfortable and contemporary lifestyle.

The group is the sole real estate developer in Bangalore that has triumphed in the reputed FIABCI Award for its residential and software facilities. They have also complimented the Crisil DA1 Developer Rating in line with the quality of their ventures and ability to deliver the completed ventures timely. They are also rated as the “Most Admired Brand of Asia” in the Real Estate industry. They have created a reputation for being the nation’s most recognized brand.

Upcoming Projects in Bangalore 2023

Projects marked as “upcoming” indicate that they are still in the planning stages and can be reserved by interested parties. These projects occasionally involve the construction of a new building, the enlargement of an existing structure, or the renovation of an existing property. Prestige Group has made several new launches and pre-launch project ventures in Bangalore City in 2023.

Some of the top-most upcoming projects of Prestige Group in Bangalore are:

Ongoing projects in Bangalore

An ongoing project is still being developed and needs an occupancy certificate or completion certificate issued. Prestige Group consistently completes its projects on schedule and is responsible for several ongoing luxury developments in Bangalore.

The premium and luxurious ongoing projects in Bangalore by Prestige Group are:

Completed projects in Bangalore

A completed project means the work on the project has finished and all tasks have been completed. A completion certificate proves that the property’s construction has been completed per the agreed- upon specifications and standards. It assures the buyer that the property is ready and that they can take possession without any complications. In Bangalore, several luxury projects have been completed and developed by reputed builders such as Prestige Group.

The best completed projects in Bangalore by Prestige Group are:

Prestige Westwoods

Prestige Westwoods

Prestige Fairfield

Prestige Fairfield

Prestige Deja Vu

Prestige Deja Vu

Prestige Elysian

Prestige Elysian

Prestige Hermitage

Prestige Hermitage

Prestige Botanique

Prestige Botanique

Prestige Leela Residences

Prestige Leela Residences

Prestige Lakeside Habitat

Prestige Lakeside Habitat

Prestige Royale Gardens

Prestige Royale Gardens

Prestige Golfshire

Prestige Golfshire

Prestige Park Square

Prestige Park Square

Prestige Silver Oak

Prestige Silver Oak

Prestige Camden Gardens Blogs

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