Prestige Camden Gardens Specifications

These are the Prestige Camden Gardens specifications, which describe various details:


  • RCC Framed structure with Solid concrete blockwork masonry walls.


  • Vitrified tiles in the foyer, living, dining, corridors, bedrooms, kitchen & utility.
  • Ceramic tiles in the balcony, bathrooms.


  • Main door frame in timber and laminated flush shutter.
  • Internal doors – wooden frames and laminated flush shutters.
  • UPVC/Aluminum frames and sliding shutters for all external doors, or a combination of both wherever required.

Plumbing and Sanitary

  • EWCs and chrome plated fittings.
  • Chrome-plated tap with shower mixer.
  • All toilets with countertop washbasins with suspended pipeline in all toilets concealed within a false ceiling.
  • Rainwater Harvesting drain pipes included.


  • Grid Power from BESCOM for all units.
  • All electrical wiring is concealed in PVC-insulated copper wires with modular switches of reputed make.
  • DG POWER – 100% backup for all Apartments at additional cost.


  • Lifts of suitable size and capacity will be provided in all towers.
  • Round-the-clock security with intercom facility.
  • CCTV Camera at all vantage points.

Prestige Camden Gardens offers well-constructed living spaces with the best raw materials. These thoughtfully designed homes are perfect for modern buyers as they provide ideal living areas to meet their needs. The apartments are built to combine modern functionality with traditional design effortlessly, using the latest cutting-edge building methods. Only trusted and branded materials are used at each step of the building process to ensure strong, long-lasting homes.

A project's specification explains the materials used in its construction, including detailed descriptions of the flooring, utilities, painting, and visible spouts used inside the apartment. It details the project's strength, calibre, and visual looks. As a result, every builder will guarantee that premium materials are utilized throughout the project.

Purva Aerocity's specifications are highly impressive in the real estate market. They prioritize using the finest materials and pay proper attention to detail. The residential flats offer premium amenities, trendy decor, and futuristic designs, making them ideal for luxurious living spaces.

The futuristic Prestige Camden Gardens Apartment Specifications include :

The futuristic Prestige Camden Gardens Apartment Specifications


  • The RCC structure uses high-quality raw materials and incorporates shear wall technology for enhanced stability and strength.

Lobby & Staircase:

  • Elegant flooring on the lobby ground and corridors.
  • The basement and top floor lobbies flooring is designed with vitrified tiles.
  • All lobby walls will be terminated with a mixture of surface paint and ceilings in distemper.
  • The lift cladding will be made of granite per the architect's design.
  • The service staircase and lobby are in standard-designed stone or treads with cement tiles.


  • The entry, living room, dining room, hallways, bedrooms, kitchen, and utility room are all decorated with vitrified tiles.
  • The Balcony is tiled with ceramic tiling.


  • A strip of ceramic tiles is provided for the specified length of the counter.
  • The RO/IG points have been installed inside the kitchen without exposure.


  • There are countertop wash basins on every toilet.
  • EWCs and fixtures with a chrome finish.
  • Every restroom has pipelines hidden behind a false ceiling.
  • An exhaust fan provision.
  • Chromium-plated shower mixer tap.
  • The apartment will feature solar-powered water heaters in all restrooms, with a geyser installed in the master bathroom.
  • Every restroom in the apartments will have geysers. The maid's restroom has instant geysers.


  • The main door will be crafted from teak wood.
  • The other bedrooms and bathrooms will have wooden flush doors.


  • The walls and ceiling inside have been coated with emulsion paint.
  • All of the railings have been painted with enamel paint.

External Doors and Windows:

  • UPVC doors with aluminium structures and door shutters have been added.
  • Aluminium or wooden doors and windows are added in necessary places.
  • Inside operating options for UPVC windows and mesh are provided.


  • Copper wires with modular switches and PVC insulation cover are used in all electrical wiring.
  • Every apartment will have an ELCB, individual meters, and adequate power outlets and light fixtures.
  • Every bedroom and the living room have TV points.
  • There are phone outlets exclusively in the kitchen and living room.
  • The master bedroom and the study area include LAN connecting points.


  • CCTV cameras are all over the site, and the security office monitors them.
  • A dedicated Security Team provides 24/7 campus security.

DG Power

  • At an additional cost, all households in Prestige Camden Gardens will have access to 100% power backup during emergencies.
  • Electricity will be provided to common areas and facilities only during their scheduled open hours.

Each home in the project will have good outlets for power and light. There are power backups in every common area, and the project will provide total redundancy for the water and electricity supply. One of the project's components that would benefit the environment is rainwater collection, which is facilitated by the inclusion of trenches for groundwater recharging.

The Prestige Camden Gardens specs detail the homes and the building supplies used. The project has the best sewage treatment plant and sophisticated organic waste converter. Each unit combines a contemporary aesthetic feel with classic, unique design components. Only the finest materials will be used in every phase of the construction. The flats will remain immaculate and visually appealing for a very long period without requiring any repairs or upkeep.

This project will distribute power from transformer yards to poles via underground power lines. The poles that are connected to the property receive power from the transformer. Less energy-intensive lighting solutions will be installed in public spaces. Water pipelines underground will be built for domestic and sanitary purposes.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the unique features of Prestige Camden Gardens Specifications?

Prestige Camden Gardens features high-end fittings and premium materials across all project areas, including flooring, structure, woodwork, kitchen, and bathroom fittings. The builder has meticulously selected the materials used for constructing the project.

2. Is the project structure of Prestige Camden Gardens earthquake-resistant?

The project features a Seismic Zone II-compliant RCC-framed structure that is earthquake-resistant.

3. Do the project premises have the necessary safety and security facilities?

The project premises are equipped with the best security systems. We have installed Gas Leak detectors, CCTVs, RFID Boom Barriers, Firefighting systems, and heat and smoke sensors for your safety and protection.

4. Will a backup power supply be available for the residents during power loss?

The project offers a complete power backup system that ensures 100% uninterrupted power supply to all the apartments on the premises.

5. What eco-friendly measures have been implemented in the project?

There will be an organic waste converter and recharge cavities for rainwater harvesting. Treated water will be utilized for landscape irrigation of common areas.

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