Prestige Camden Gardens Price

Unit Type Size in Sq. Ft Price
3 BHK +2T 1578 Sq Ft Rs. 1.89 Crore Onwards
3 BHK 1851 Sq Ft Rs. 2.22 Crore Onwards
3 BHK 2037 Sq Ft Rs. 2.44 Crore Onwards
3 BHK + Maid’s Room 2149 Sq Ft Rs. 2.57 Crore Onwards
4 BHK + Maid’s Room 2732 Sq Ft Rs. 3.27 Crore Onwards

Prestige Camden Gardens residences will start at around Rs. 1.89 crores for 3 BHK homes. The cost of an opulent 4 BHK apartment will rise to Rs. 3.27 crores. Purchasing a property in Prestige Camden is a wise investment and a residence. The project is a smart investment because its retail value is anticipated to increase over time.

Prestige Camden Gardens provides a wide selection of apartment choices to suit buyers' and investors' various needs and budgets. The units will have a consistent and reasonable price. The flats' chosen size and design determine the units' price range.

The attached document contains the price list, payment schedule, and cost sheet for Prestige Camden Gardens. At the pre-launch event, we were pleased to provide an alluring new-launch pricing offer for a range of specifications. In these exciting residential and commercial development projects, Prestige Group is committed to supporting clients in realizing their dream of becoming property owners.

Thanisandra in North Bangalore's neighbourhood is well known for its posh, stylish homes that accommodate a variety of opulent apartments. Since renowned tech parks and business centres were established nearby, the value of the real estate in this area has increased significantly. Prestige Group will research market pricing trends before determining the best price. The proximity of Prestige Camden Gardens to Bangalore employment hubs will make investors keen to book their flats.

Prestige Camden Gardens at Thanisandra offers its residents a distinctive modern amenity at the best price in the market. Prestige Camden Gardens is a better choice for ample 3 BHK and 4 BHK apartments in Thanisandra. Easy way of living, comfortable, and thoughtfully designed amenities in the project. Prestige Camden Gardens' futuristic, relaxed, and structured design allows you to unwind and enjoy your time away from busy life. Its design is both stunning and unique.

Key Points to look into before considering to invest in an apartment :

  • Price of Apartment in Prestige Camden Gardens
  • Price of Apartment in Thanisandra
  • Price of Apartment in Bangalore
  • Payment Plan – The Upright Decision by Prestige Group
  • Bangalore Real Estate Price Trends
  • Current Price in Thanisandra and Price Trends
  • Cost Sheet – The Key Document for decision making by Customer

Price of apartments in Prestige Camden Gardens

Price of apartments in Prestige Camden Gardens

Prestige Camden Gardens is a luxury residential development that provides different-sized apartments to meet the needs of individual investors. Buyers can easily choose the apartments they desire by referring to the pricing list and selecting units by size and cost. Prestige Camden Gardens pricing is decided based on apartment size and features.

  • 3 BHK – Will be announced soon
  • 4 BHK – Will be announced soon

The tentative starting price of apartments in Prestige Camden Gardens will be Rs. 1.90 crore for 3 BHK. A spacious 4 BHK apartment price will increase to Rs. 2.25 crores. The exciting Price List, Cost Sheet, and Payment Plan will be unveiled during the pre-launch phase. The pre-launch price offer of Prestige Camden Gardens for different configurations promises a thrilling deal. Once the RERA approval is obtained, the project will be market- ready. Considering these factors, Prestige Camden Gardens Price aims to cater to various segments. Regardless of its brand value, the project's 3 and 4 BHK apartments will remain within market standards.

The builder has many instalments plans to make buying a home in this project simple and easy. Investing in an apartment for this project will be profitable as the prices are extremely reasonable, affordable, and lucrative. The pre-launch price will be lower than the cost upon completion. The apartment units in the project will be great for investment as they are in the city's prominent area.

Price of apartments in Thanisandra

Price of apartments in Thanisandra

Thanisandra, located in North Bangalore, is well known for its Tech Parks, IT companies and small-scale industries. Due to its proximity to all the major locations like Bagaluru, Yelahanka, Devanahalli and Nagavara, real estate prices have been booming locally. Construction of the Namma Metro Blue Line is ongoing, and it will be operational in 2025. It connects to other metro lines, easily travels to Kempegowda International Airport, connects all parts of Bangalore to the northern part, and saves time. This development has driven up demand for Thanisandra real estate.

Over the past few years, the neighbourhood has had a massive real estate boom. It is easily accessible from other city sections and is close to IT centres. Real estate in the neighbourhood has been getting more expensive. Because of these rising prices, purchasing real estate in the neighbourhood is profitable. Both residential and commercial real estate have seen significant price increases recently. The best location for residential and commercial developments is in this neighbourhood.

The average price of properties in Thanisandra ranges from Rs. 9,351 per sq. ft. to Rs. 11,346 per sq. ft. In addition, the average rent starts at Rs. 40,000/-. For a modern apartment with all the basic amenities, one can expect to pay around Rs. 1.51 Crore, while a lavish, well-furnished flat can cost up to Rs. 5 crores. The area is rapidly developing and has convenient access to all modes of transportation.

Price of Apartment in Bangalore

Price of apartments in Bangalore

Bangalore real estate has rapidly changed over the past few years, and there has been an increase in the demand for commercial property from IT companies. The entry of global players like Oracle, Microsoft, Bann Info, Satyam Computers, and many others has increased property demand. The property rates in Bangalore have soared rapidly.

However, the sentiments of residential property buyers have improved in Bangalore over the last few years. There has been a demand for residential property absorption. Also, most developers in Bangalore actively participate, which results in the production of suitable land parcels. The concept of BHK is in trend in Bangalore and is in line with the average square feet preference trend. There is an increase in the demand for 1 and 2 BHK housing from people in Bangalore. There has also been a significant increase in the demand for 1, 2, 3 and 4 BHK apartments.

Apartment living is becoming a trend nowadays. Bangalore's rapid urbanization has resulted in an increased need for housing. As the city expands, more people seek comfortable and convenient living spaces, contributing to the demand for apartments. A 1 BHK apartment in a prime locality will cost Rs. 55 lakhs to Rs. 75 lakhs, and it will increase according to the luxury and quality of the project.

Payment Plan – The upright decision

Payment Plan The upright decision

A payment plan is a document that helps buyers understand and prepare for upcoming payments while updating us on construction progress.

Prestige Camden Gardens Payment Plan is a convenient, risk-free way for customers to pay for instalments. When booking, investors must pay 10% of the total amount. Upon receipt of payment, quarters will be allocated to the outstanding balance. It is important to note that the base price is excluded from additional fees such as registration charges and stamp duty. These fees must be paid throughout the registration period and during the tenure of possession. All fees and expenses will include taxes. If you have any questions about the payment plan, please don't hesitate to ask.

The RERA framework involves a structured process with sequential steps :

  • The buyer must pay 10% of the property's cost when booking a home.
  • Once the construction starts, the purchaser must pay an extra 10% of the total price.
  • Upon completion up to the plinth level, 15% of the value will be paid.
  • The buyer must make payments of 2% to 5% as each step of the construction process is completed.
  • After the plastering, painting, and plumbing work is completed, 5% will be due.
  • The remaining 5% of the price will be paid upon home possession.

Bangalore real estate trends

Bangalore real estate trends

Bangalore's residential real estate market offers buyers and sellers the greatest real estate investment potential. Growing demand, variations in micro markets, the development of infrastructure, pricing trends, regulatory changes, and lifestyle options all contribute to the industry's immense potential.

Bangalore's continuous infrastructure development has improved accessibility and connectivity to different city regions, especially with metro rail construction. Infrastructure projects can impact real estate values. Bangalore's real estate market is anticipated to rise further due to several factors, such as job creation, infrastructural upgrades, and general economic growth.

Price of apartments in different parts of Bangalore :

Place Average Price Per Sq. ft.
Indiranagar Rs. 15,286/-
Whitefield Rs. 13,010/-
Manyata Tech Park Rs. 12,587/-
Thanisandra Rs. 11,346/-
Sarjapur Rs. 12,092/-
Bannerghatta Rs. 11,687/-
Marathahalli Rs. 12,341/-
Electronic City RS. 8,267/-

Current price on Thanisandra and price trends

Current price on Thanisandra and price trends

Thanisandra is one of Bangalore's most significant locations. The region is home to some of the city's most well-known IT parks, business centres, and exquisite, luxurious residential buildings from renowned developers.

The prices of housing properties in Thanisandra have appreciated over the years. It is one of the prime locations where residents can easily fulfil their daily needs. Current price trends show that an apartment costs Rs. 7,357 per sq. ft. to Rs. 11,346 per sq. ft. Rental for apartments in Thanisandra ranges from Rs. 28,000 to Rs. 80,000.

The greatest place to purchase or invest in real estate is Thanisandra, a North Bangalore suburb with easy connectivity to the entire city via the road system. The demand for real estate in the area is growing due to the abundance of job prospects in Thanisandra, which is topped by the development of contemporary social and physical infrastructure. An apartment in Thanisandra is ideal for large investments since it is considered a beneficial venture to purchase a conveniently located property for the rest of the city.

Cost Sheet – The ultimate document for customer decision

Cost Sheet The ultimate document for customer decision

The cost sheet estimates a property's price and is an essential document that aids prospective purchasers in the decision-making process. The cost sheet for the Prestige Camden Gardens project has yet to be made public because it is still in the pre-launch phase. The cost sheet provides comprehensive information about the property, allowing buyers to make informed financial decisions. For greater understanding, the unit's total cost is divided into multiple components.

  • Agreement value
  • Other charges
  • Stamp duty and registration
  • Taxes
  • Base price
  • Total Price
  • Applicable GST for the Apartment

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Has the price of the Prestige Camden Gardens project been announced?

Pricing based on the current market rate will be announced after the project is launched.

2. What is the average property cost at Thanisandra?

The average property cost is Rs. 9,351 per square foot on Thanisandra in North Bangalore.

3. What is the base price of apartments in Prestige Camden Gardens?

The tentative base price of apartments in Prestige Camden Gardens starts at Rs. 1.90 crores*.

4. Will there be additional costs for the homes at the project?

The price of the apartments will include all applicable taxes and fees.

5. What additional expenses will there be at Prestige Camden Gardens?

There will be extra charges for maintenance, parking, and the project's many amenities.

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