Prestige Camden Gardens Master Plan

Prestige Camden Gardens Master Plan

The prestige Camden Gardens project, sprawling across vast acres of land in the prime locality of Thanisandra in North Bangalore, is a haven of luxurious apartment buildings. The detailed master plan features wide open spaces with acres of greenery, lovely gardens, and trees, providing a refreshing escape in Thanisandra. The project is enveloped by lush greenery, setting the benchmark for modern apartment building design.

The phases involved in designing and building a project are described in the master plan. Its unique design both meets industrial requirements and draws attention to the project. The master plan helps the building owner determine who would benefit or be impacted by the project, what the needs or goals are, and how to get there by developing a plan. Master planning connects buildings, social situations, and their surroundings. The property's residents can review these designs in advance to reduce time spent deliberating and making financial decisions.

Prestige Camden Gardens' master plan smoothly combines the latest conveniences that today's urbanized residents want with their way of life. The project was developed next to the road leading to Kempegowda International Airport at the city's entrance. This well- built neighbourhood aims to provide homes that are a peaceful refuge in the middle of the city's IT and job centre. The designs consider the occupants' preferences and are carefully completed to satisfy the expectations of the residents who desire a serene and luxurious existence.

Prestige Camden Gardens Apartment:

Prestige Camden Gardens Apartment

The Prestige Camden Gardens tower plan shows the project's towers graphically. It features a ground floor, several storeys of residential apartments, and an opulent apartment with a multi-level basement.

The tower plan of residential apartments in Prestige Camden Gardens offers various sizes of apartments, which include :

  • 3 BHK
  • 4 BHK

Every house will have views of the lovely surroundings. Every building on the campus will have its own designated location. There will be green space at the project site. Every modern unit will have a balcony with breath-taking views. The project will include exquisite landscaping and a large number of parks and gardens. Additionally, there will be sporadic design components everywhere.

The project offers more than 30 carefully planned amenities, including a fully equipped clubhouse, a sizable indoor common area, a health centre, co-working spaces, a gymnasium, a swimming pool, outdoor sports courts, a party hall, and much more. Prestige Camden Gardens provides many socializing, sports activities, and entertainment spaces. Modern, 24-hour security is the top concern in these well-planned residences.

Prestige Camden Gardens Clubhouse Master Plan :

Prestige Camden Gardens Clubhouse

Prestige Camden Gardens will have an elegant clubhouse. The exclusive facilities and abundant features will give inhabitants a first-rate living environment that meets their entertainment, fitness, and recreational demands. Residents' daily access to all of these benefits will improve their routines.

More than 25 well-designed amenities, including a large retail area, an elegant and fully functional clubhouse, a health centre, co-working spaces, and an indoor and outdoor gym area, are available at Prestige Camden Gardens in Thanisandra. A swimming pool, recreation areas, outdoor sports courts, a party hall, and much more are available for sports and entertainment. Every feature's contemporary, round-the-clock security has been carefully thought out.

  • Multifunctional Hall
  • Salon & Spa
  • Indoor Kids Play Area
  • Coffee Shop
  • Restaurants
  • Indoor games
  • Dance / Aerobics
  • Laundromat
  • Swimming Pool / Lap Pool
  • Banquet Kitchen & Store
  • Indoor Kid's Pool
  • Mini Theatre
  • Co-Working Space
  • Meeting Room
  • Yoga / Meditation

The developers of Godrej Hyderabad effectively used public space to provide a peaceful living environment. There will be many opportunities to socialize and bond with neighbours, creating a pleasant sense of community.

It will be safe to live in the Prestige Camden Gardens. A trained security team will monitor how people and cars enter and exit the project area. CCTV cameras will be deployed at every important point of the project, ensuring that the security of the Prestige Camden Gardens apartments is in competent hands.

The project would provide safe living conditions for Prestige Camden Gardens inhabitants. It's being assembled with consideration. As a result, they will have access to first-rate living arrangements. The builder's first concern is the comfort of the homeowner. With no effort held back, the largest housing enclave is being constructed. Prestige Camden Gardens is the most anticipated residential project in North Bangalore Thanisandra's neighbourhood.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is meant by a Master Plan of a real estate project?

A master plan is an overarching document with a spatial layout that structures land use and development. It is a document and policy guide designed to help communities envision their future. Master Plans help guide communities in land use development and preservation decisions.

2. What does the Prestige Camden Gardens master plan show?

The master plan shows the placement of the apartments in the buildings. It shows the towers and the space for open space and gives an overall idea of the project.

3. Do all the rooms get enough natural light in the project?

All the units in the project are designed to get the maximum natural light with good ventilation.

4. Does the project include eco-friendly features?

Prestige Camden Gardens promotes eco-friendliness and sustainability, and the project's master plan emphasizes several green features. The development utilizes advanced technology to collect rainwater and efficiently sort waste. These eco-friendly initiatives are carefully integrated into spaces where they can have the most significant impact on sustainability.

5. Do the units in the project follow Vaastu?

All the units in the project follow Vaastu and are built very spacious by utilizing space efficiently.

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