Prestige Camden Gardens Maintenance Charges

Prestige Camden Gardens Maintenance Charges

Prestige Camden Gardens Maintenance Charges are used to maintain common areas. It is necessary because it determines the lifetime of these flats. The owners and tenants pay it, either monthly or annually, to repair the community's features.

A maintenance charge is also in the builder-buyer contract, which requires payment. The RERA Act states that any person entering a builder-buyer contract must pay this on time. All big communities have a variety of amenities for their buyers to help them live serene lives. Property owners in these flats must pay the fees in return for these features. The team will manage the electricity supply, parking space, water supply, and security in exchange for these fees.

Prestige Camden Gardens Maintenance charge includes all the services as follows

  • Service fees such as electricity and security.
  • Water charges for the amount of water used by each flat member
  • For upkeep of amenities in the project to make it clean
  • Sinking Fund for any emergency caused by an unexpected event
  • For lift repairs and supervision.

Calculation of Maintenance Charges in Prestige Camden Gardens

These fees are based on the unit size in a community. t is collected in monthly installments or in full amounts.

Some commonly used methods for calculating the upkeep fees for societies are

  • Per Square Feet Method - This is used by societies with units of varying sizes. Here, the fee is calculated based on the square feet size of the unit.
  • Equal Maintenance Charges - This is used when all of the units in the society are the same size. The majority of societies collect these charges each month.
  • Hybrid Maintenance Charges - These include the Per Square Foot and Equal Maintenance methods. People must pay the same amount for features like lifts, swimming pools, etc. Also, the people must pay charges based on their size for water usage and other common expenses.

Importance of Maintenance Charges

As stated in the agreement, it is one of the compulsory payments that must be made on time. By paying these charges, you will not have to handle anything alone. A separate team will take care of and supervise the building. It is necessary, and each owner in Prestige Camden Gardens is responsible for paying them.

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